How To Maintain Your Carpet To Last Longer?

Carpets are majorly used for flooring in many residential and commercial premises. Carpets help to add a pleasant look to your house. They should be cleaned and maintained correctly to use for a long period of time. If you have not cleaned carpets for a long time, the dust gets settled on them and it makes the carpet look dirty. Unclean carpets may result in causing diseases.

How To Maintain Your Carpet To Last Longer?

So, it is important to clean carpets at regular intervals to keep them in a good condition. Self-clean methods may not help to completely remove the dust particles from carpets. If you are looking for some good tips to extend the life of your carpet, keep reading the article. 

Simple tips to maintain your carpet to last longer

  • Cleaning stains on the spot

Carpets majorly get stained because of food spillages and pet accidents. If these stains were not removed immediately then these stains become stubborn and then it will become difficult to remove those stains. Stained carpets will not survive for a long time.  So, it is important to clean stains immediately when they occur to keep the carpet clean.

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly

The easiest and most effective way to remove dirt and dust from your carpets is vacuuming the carpets. Regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpets clean. The regular vacuum helps to increase the life of your carpets. Vacuuming regularly may seem like a major task but it helps to remove the hidden dust particles from your carpets. It is suggested to vacuum your carpets at least 4 to 5 days a week. 

  • Keep sharp end furniture away form carpeted areas

If you are having carpet flooring make sure that sharp-ended furniture is kept away from the carpeted area. If you keep sharp-ended furniture on the carpeted area, the legs of furniture pierce through the fabric of the carpet which results in damage to the fabric. So, make sure that the furniture you placed on the carpeted area doesn’t have sharp ends.

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