5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Your pets are life to you. They cheer you up when you are sad and they bring happiness and joy. You can easily scoop it using a towel but it may smear onto the carpet. But they have certain reputation, when this is the matter of cleaning. How well trained and well mannered your pet is, it will definitely happen. 

Know The Tips of Carpet Cleaning and Apply Them:

  1. Be Prepared –

    If you have pets in your home, then be prepared because accidents can happen. You should choose the right products, tools and other equipment. To neutralize the urine stains and odors, you should go for enzyme treatment. Enzyme cleaner includes bacteria and oxygen booster to help to get rid of pet mess. To remove solid pet messes, you can also keep a scraper, knife and dustpan.
  2. Take Quick Action –

    All the pet messes should be cleaned up immediately. The longer you will take time to remove it, the harder it will be which means you may have to compromise with the life of carpet.
  3. Vacuum Frequently –

    Vacuum frequently if you have a pet in your house. Even if there is a lot of hair in your carpet, then it may create clog in your vacuum. In that case, a workaround can also be your solution. This is always a great idea to vacuum the carpet more frequently to get rid of it. Regularly vacuuming will help you to avoid accumulation of hair frequently and to remove hair from carpet easily.
  4. Specific Cleaner for Carpet Stains –

    This is the last and least carpet cleaning tip that will work wonder in your process of carpet cleaning in Athelstone. To remove a particular stain from the carpet, you should have a certain item. Just do a little research to find out a particular cleaner for removing pet stains. Make sure to follow all the instructions given in the package of the cleaner.
Carpet Stains Removing

Specific Cleaning – 

  • Handle Wet Mess:

    Mix one cup water, one cup vinegar, 2 tablespoons baking soda in a spray bottle. Dab the rag in this solution and head over to the messed spot on the carpet. Spray the mix of water and baking soda and then rub the rag or towel there and after that vacuum it. It can remove vomit, spill and urine easily.
  • Handle Soft Mess:

    Take two tablespoons baking soda, a putty knife vacuum cleaner to handle it. You can easily scoop it using a towel but it may smear onto the carpet. Rather take a putty knife and scoop it with its edge. To remove the odour you can go for a carpet cleaning solution or you can use baking soda. Now dry it up with your vacuum cleaner.

So, have you got the right tip and trick from the article? Having a pet in house is no doubt a joyful experience, so carpet cleaning should be also joyful. If you try the above mentioned tips, then it will be a much easier process.