5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Your pets are life to you. They cheer you up when you are sad and they bring happiness and joy. You can easily scoop it using a towel but it may smear onto the carpet. But they have certain reputation, when this is the matter of cleaning. How well trained and well mannered your pet is, it will definitely happen. 

Know The Tips of Carpet Cleaning and Apply Them:

  1. Be Prepared –

    If you have pets in your home, then be prepared because accidents can happen. You should choose the right products, tools and other equipment. To neutralize the urine stains and odors, you should go for enzyme treatment. Enzyme cleaner includes bacteria and oxygen booster to help to get rid of pet mess. To remove solid pet messes, you can also keep a scraper, knife and dustpan.
  2. Take Quick Action –

    All the pet messes should be cleaned up immediately. The longer you will take time to remove it, the harder it will be which means you may have to compromise with the life of carpet.
  3. Vacuum Frequently –

    Vacuum frequently if you have a pet in your house. Even if there is a lot of hair in your carpet, then it may create clog in your vacuum. In that case, a workaround can also be your solution. This is always a great idea to vacuum the carpet more frequently to get rid of it. Regularly vacuuming will help you to avoid accumulation of hair frequently and to remove hair from carpet easily.
  4. Specific Cleaner for Carpet Stains –

    This is the last and least carpet cleaning tip that will work wonder in your process of carpet cleaning in Athelstone. To remove a particular stain from the carpet, you should have a certain item. Just do a little research to find out a particular cleaner for removing pet stains. Make sure to follow all the instructions given in the package of the cleaner.
Carpet Stains Removing

Specific Cleaning – 

  • Handle Wet Mess:

    Mix one cup water, one cup vinegar, 2 tablespoons baking soda in a spray bottle. Dab the rag in this solution and head over to the messed spot on the carpet. Spray the mix of water and baking soda and then rub the rag or towel there and after that vacuum it. It can remove vomit, spill and urine easily.
  • Handle Soft Mess:

    Take two tablespoons baking soda, a putty knife vacuum cleaner to handle it. You can easily scoop it using a towel but it may smear onto the carpet. Rather take a putty knife and scoop it with its edge. To remove the odour you can go for a carpet cleaning solution or you can use baking soda. Now dry it up with your vacuum cleaner.

So, have you got the right tip and trick from the article? Having a pet in house is no doubt a joyful experience, so carpet cleaning should be also joyful. If you try the above mentioned tips, then it will be a much easier process.

Why Is It Essential To Book A Post Holiday Season Carpet Cleanup

If you want to maintain your home or keep it healthy, then, it is very important that you make a carpet cleaning plan. Like if you are throwing a party, have pets, or have a newborn baby coming into your home, then, you have to ensure that your carpets are safe and clean as it impacts your home’s welcoming gesture to guests and family.

The holiday season is around the corner, which means many guests will come to visit your home and you have to welcome them. Many homeowners want to keep things the best for their guests from cooking to cleaning every corner of their home, including carpets.

However, we do understand that booking a Post-holiday season carpet cleanup is a bit tricky. But still, you have to make time for it so that you can make your carpets look fresh. You have to choose the best time for booking the carpet cleaning. So that your carpets get dry faster after cleaning.

Cleaning carpet
Cleaning carpet

When to book a post-holiday season carpet cleanup

According to your area, you need to choose which time is perfect for booking post-holiday season carpet cleanup. People who want their carpets to dry quickly and to prevent mud trapping into their carpets should avoid scheduling carpet cleaning during the rainy season.

You should note that there is a high chance of precipitation during the first 3 months & November, or December. And the best drying periods are between May and September. So, it will be better if you book a post-holiday season carpet cleanup during these months.

Benefits of Post Holiday Season Carpet Cleanup

  1. Clean your house before it gets filled with people or presents: Before professionals or guests arrive in your home, you should clean your home once on your own.
  2. You will have enough time to do holiday errands: Festive or holiday seasons can make your schedule very busy. Like you have to go shopping or decoration and many more. So, it is the best time for post-holiday season carpet cleanup. 
  3. You have enough time to remove all the carpet stains and odor: Nobody wants their home to smell bad. So, scheduling carpet cleaning will help you with it.
  4. Your carpets will dry faster: If you will book a post-holiday season carpet cleanup during May, then your freshly cleaned carpets will dry faster too due to warmer climatic conditions.

Post-Holiday Season Carpet Cleanup

There are many carpet cleaning companies who offer flexible booking times according to your time preferences. And, the internet has made things easier a lot. You can search for carpet cleaning companies and check their offerings on their websites. And also you can reach out to them. There are also many carpet cleaning companies that provide same-day service.


So, these are some of the reasons why you should book a Local Carpet Cleaner Near Me. We hope that this article has helped you a lot, so, schedule a carpet cleaning and get your carpets cleaned.

How To Select The Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Hiring or choosing the right carpet cleaning company is very important. If you will not be satisfied with the results of carpet cleaning. Hiring the right carpet cleaning company brings a lot of questions to mind, and we understand that.

Even though there are many carpet cleaning companies who claim that they are the best carpet cleaning providers. No one can do better cleaning than them or they have the cheapest carpet cleaning. So, whom should you hire for cleaning your lovely carpet? A wrong decision can cause you lots of money investment or also damage to your carpet.

So, in this article, we are going to share with you some of the important things. You need to check to hire the right carpet cleaning company in Athelstone. Also you should ask these questions to the company before hiring them.

Right Carpet Cleaning Company
Right Carpet Cleaning Company

What Training Do You Have?

Carpet cleaning is not at all an easy task to do. The use of wrong techniques can lead to worn-out or permanent damage to the carpet. It’s not like anyone can buy a professional cleaning machine and start cleaning, the results can be worse. So, before you hire a carpet cleaning company, do check or ask them whether their professionals are well trained for the job or not and what training do they have?

The right carpet cleaning company must have trained cleaners. Who have passed the training from National Carpet Cleaners Association. This training is very tough to pass out. So, do check or ask them about the carpet cleaning tips.

What Cleaning Solutions And Equipment Do You Use? Are The Cleaning Solutions Approved By Leading Carpet Manufacturers?

It is very necessary to check that the company you are going to hire for cleaning your carpets, uses what kind of methods or chemicals. You have spent lots of money to buy your dreamy carpet or you must not like it if it will get damaged. Right? So, do ask the carpet cleaning company whether the solutions or equipment they will use is approved by leading carpet manufacturers or not. The use of the wrong chemicals can lead your carpet to shrink.

Do You Have Different Carpet Solutions For Different Situations?

If you don’t have your carpet cleaned for a long time by professionals, then, it must have become the house for dirt or germs. The professionals use various equipment and during carpet cleaning, any circumstance or situation can come up. So, it’s their job to handle or clean the carpet according to the situation. For choosing the right carpet cleaning company you should always check their experience and ask them if they will be able to handle the challenges going to come during carpet cleaning. Any challenge can come while cleaning, so, do make sure that you will be able to handle the challenges properly or not. Non-experienced carpet cleaning can harm or damage your carpet.

Are Your Past Customers Happy With Your Services?

To ensure that you are hiring the right carpet cleaning company, you should always check the feedback of the past customers of the company and see whether the customers are happy with their services or not.


So, these are some of the questions which you should always ask to ensure that you are hiring the right carpet cleaning company. Hiring the wrong carpet cleaning company can create worse problems for you and damage your carpets permanently. So call us now for the best solutions or reach us online too for Same Day Booking Services.

How To Maintain Your Carpet To Last Longer?

Carpets are majorly used for flooring in many residential and commercial premises. Carpets help to add a pleasant look to your house. They should be cleaned and maintained correctly to use for a long period of time. If you have not cleaned carpets for a long time, the dust gets settled on them and it makes the carpet look dirty. Unclean carpets may result in causing diseases.

How To Maintain Your Carpet To Last Longer?

So, it is important to clean carpets at regular intervals to keep them in a good condition. Self-clean methods may not help to completely remove the dust particles from carpets. If you are looking for some good tips to extend the life of your carpet, keep reading the article. 

Simple tips to maintain your carpet to last longer

  • Cleaning stains on the spot

Carpets majorly get stained because of food spillages and pet accidents. If these stains were not removed immediately then these stains become stubborn and then it will become difficult to remove those stains. Stained carpets will not survive for a long time.  So, it is important to clean stains immediately when they occur to keep the carpet clean.

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly

The easiest and most effective way to remove dirt and dust from your carpets is vacuuming the carpets. Regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpets clean. The regular vacuum helps to increase the life of your carpets. Vacuuming regularly may seem like a major task but it helps to remove the hidden dust particles from your carpets. It is suggested to vacuum your carpets at least 4 to 5 days a week. 

  • Keep sharp end furniture away form carpeted areas

If you are having carpet flooring make sure that sharp-ended furniture is kept away from the carpeted area. If you keep sharp-ended furniture on the carpeted area, the legs of furniture pierce through the fabric of the carpet which results in damage to the fabric. So, make sure that the furniture you placed on the carpeted area doesn’t have sharp ends.

Hire the best and effective carpet cleaning Agency
For effective and complete cleaning of carpets, it is essential to hire professional carpet cleaners. We provide the best and effective carpet cleaning services at affordable prices. All our plumbers are skilled, licensed, and highly experienced in removing all types of dust and stains from carpets. The cleaning agents we use are eco friendly and pet friendly.

We always keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and techniques in order to provide quality services in less time. We are also providing same day and emergency carpet cleaning services to all our customers. So if you are looking for the best carpet cleaning service provider, call us.

What is The Best Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Your Mattress?

After a whole busy day, your body needs to sleep and relax. But what if your mattress is smelly, dirty, and dusty. So, it becomes more important to clean your mattress so that you can have a good sleep and rest whenever you want. 

Why Should You Choose An Eco-friendly Way For Mattress Cleaning?

There are many reasons for choosing a green or eco-friendly way for Mattress Cleaning: To know, keep reading.

  • Secure Environment: Instead of chemicals, use natural methods of mattress cleaning. It will help you to live in a safe and secure habitat.
  • Air Quality: We all don’t want to have a chemical smelly mattress. So, use Eco-friendly methods to reduce the bad smell of chemicals and make your mattress pleasant smelly.
  • Safety of Child And Pets: Some types of cleaning products contain a lot of harmful chemicals, which can be too dangerous for your young child and pets. So, protect them from any kind of allergens or any other problems by using an Eco-friendly cleaning way for the Mattress Sanitisation.
  • Pocket Friendly: As we all know cleaning products are so costly, but Eco-friendly solutions are easy to make or you can make DIY methods by yourself, which will save money.
  • Sanitation Security: Eco-friendly ways are kind to skin, rather than chemicals which can harsh your eyes, skin or lungs. 

Eco-friendly Ways For The Mattress Cleaning and Sanitisation

Living Life in an eco-friendly way isn’t easy. You have to do a lot of green procedures to clean your mattress. Here are some points that will help you to take care of your mattress.

Vacuum Cleaning And Sunlight Drying 

Mattress absorbs dust and dirt, so vacuuming is the best way to clean it. And, your mattress should be vacuumed every week or every 3 months from both sides. This reduces the infestation of dust mites, germs or deposition of dirt and increases its life. Also, put your mattress outdoors in the fresh air or under good sunlight. This will reduce the smell of your mattress and kill bacterias, bugs and also will work as a Mattress Deodorisation.

Stain Removing By Vinegar Solution

Stain Removing By Vinegar Solution

For stubborn stains, take 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups warm water. Then apply it to the stained area. Use a cotton cloth and scrub in a circular motion on the surface of the mattress. Then, vacuum it. When the stain is removed. Allow your mattress to air dry for several hours. Or put it under direct sunlight or fan, it will fasten the drying method. 

Baking Soda Solution

Whenever you see a liquid spill over your mattress, there are chances that your mattress will absorb the liquid and lock it. So, take a paper towel or cotton towel, and press it from your hand so that it can absorb the maximum amount of liquid. Then, take a box, add 1 cup of baking soda and 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil. Spread the powder to the stain for at least 2-3 hours and then, vacuum it. This process will remove the stain and give you a good smell of your favourite essential oil.

Cleaning by Hydrogen Peroxide 

For Reliable Mattress Stain Removal, you need to apply a hydrogen peroxide method. Take a spray bottle, mix 1 cup 3%of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and dishwashing liquid and mix well the solution, also pour 2 cups of warm water in another bottle. Spray warm water on the stained area. Now, spray the hydrogen peroxide solution on the stain. Use an old toothbrush and scrub in a circular motion until the stain is removed on the surface of the mattress. You can get help from Mattress Cleaning Athelstone professionals also for mattress cleaning.

So, you can use any of the above Eco-friendly mattress cleaning methods for your needs. It has been proven safe and effective by our Carpet Cleaning Athelstone experts.

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